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All of our Nursery rooms are well-equipped for the ages of the children that they look after. When combined with our experienced and knowledgeable staff, we can guarantee that your child will get the best care and learning experience that they possibly can.

Here are some examples of our Nursery areas:


See below for what some of our rooms have to say:

Poppies - Aged 2 Years Old

The staff in Poppies have a vast range of knowledge and experience, using the EYFS framework to plan lots of different activities, working on each child's individual development. 

We have access to a large outdoor area which we offer free-flow and is used in all weathers. 

Our room has lots of different areas for the children to enjoy including a creative area, a home corner and a cosy reading corner. 

Daisies - Aged 2 to 3 Years Old

Daisies is a lovely bright room; the staff have a vast range of knowledge and experience. We plan lots of different activities using the EYFS framework, working on each child's individual development. 

Our room includes a large messy play area which has water play, a creative area and a large floor-based sandpit — which the children love! 

We offer free-flow to our lovely garden and this is accessible in all weathers. In the garden we provide a range of activities including a music area, made by our children. 

Buttercups - Aged 2 to 3 Years Old

We are an experienced team of staff who ensure Buttercups is fun filled, whilst the children are discovering and learning. 

We are very proud of the children’s achievements, from learning new words to mastering potty training; this is reflected in our planning which builds on each child’s individual development. 

The children can experience a wide range of different activities from accessing real materials in the construction area, to the messy play area where they really can let their imagination and creativity flow. We are also very lucky to have a large outside area which we use in all weathers. 

Sunflowers - Aged 3 to 4 Years Old


We have experienced EYFS staff, and we aim to provide a safe, secure, happy, healthy and stimulating environment for all the children within our care. 

We endeavour to provide a solid, caring foundation from which children can continue to develop and flourish by offering a variety of daily activities, including art and crafts, a book area, role-play, music exploration, small world and construction. All the children are encouraged to become independent learners and learn to make choices. 

Each child has a learning journey which contains observations and pictures of what the child has been engaging in. We encourage parents and carers to take their child's learning journey home and add experiences and memories from home.