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Our long-term overview falls in line with the 2014 Primary Curriculum. This long-term plan covers all of the key outcomes stated within the 2014 PE Primary Curriculum.

All of our children in years 1 to 6 have access to 2 hours high quality PE, per week, throughout the school. 

Within Key Stage 1, we will ensure that all children are given the opportunity to develop and master basic skills and movements as well as their agility, balance and co-ordination. To practise applying these skills, the children will participate in various team games, which enable them to develop simple tactics for attacking and defending; as well as individual sports-tri-golf, dance and gymnastics. 

Within Key Stage 2, each year group will participate in a number of individual sports: athletics, gymnastics, dance and swimming, as well as sports which require team-work, such as; net and wall games, striking and fielding games, invasion games.


All Year 2 children will swim once a week for 6 weeks to introduce them to the water and gain water confidence. 

All KS2 children will swim once a week for 12 weeks.  The children will be working towards being able to swim 25 metres before they leave year 6.  All children will be taught front crawl and back stroke.  Those children who achieve this, will be taught breast-stroke, butterfly and lifesaving skills.

Our long-term overview also follows in line with the local competition timetable.  This is to ensure we maximise our participation within the events both within school (intra-school competitions) and outside of school (inter-school competitions). 

Please click below for our long term overview: