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The pupils' first term at the school, the first Autumn Term; is all about exploring the idea of New Beginnings. More specifically, the topics of starting school, rules, respect and friends. The second Autumn term gives us the opportunity to look at the topic of Staying Safe, whilst going into more detail on the important subjects of: stranger danger, online safety, dangers at home, fire & fireworks; and outdoor dangers.

Moving into the first Spring Term our topic of choice is Food, Glorious Food. The goal of this topic is to inform our pupils about healthy & unhealthy food, a varied diet and exercise. Then in the second Spring Term we explore the subject of Squeaky Clean, focussing on clean clothes, germs, teeth and toilet habits. 

In the first of the Summer Terms, we begin with the topic of Circle of Love, more specifically the subjects of families and pets. Moving on from that we look at Circle of Trust, and the topic of community. Following that, in the final term of the year, the second Summer Term; we look at the Circle of Life, growing up and passing on. Then to close out the year we look at the topic of Same & Different, to help explore our differences.

Key Stage 1

To begin the year, in the first Autumn Term, we look at the subject of Me, You & US. More specifically we investigate the topics of "I'm Special", similarities & differences and "Groups I belong to". Moving into the second Autumn Term, we have the opportunity to look at the subject of Forever Friends, Our actions - kind & fair and Listening" In the latter half of this term we explore Happy Families, and more specifically special people, "Who can help us?" and Differences between families.

Then in the first of the Spring Terms, we look at the topic of I know my Rights. More specifically the areas of similarities & differences, rights & responsibilities, bullying & how to deal with it and online safety. Then in the second Spring Term, we look at the issue of Healthy isn't a goal, it's a lifestyle. With a focus on the importance of health, looking after me, healthy & unhealthy, people who help us stay safe and safe in the sun.

In the penultimate term, the first of the Summer Terms, we look at the topic of Stop the Spread, with a focus on staying healthy, personal hygiene, controlling & preventing of disease and medicines.  Moving into the latter half of that term we explore the idea that it's OK not to be OK, and more specifically communicating feelings, managing feelings, bullying and asking for help. Then in the final term, the second Summer Term, we investigate the topic of Stop, Think & Stay Safe. With a focus on personal privacy, keeping secrets, acceptable & unacceptable physical contact, people in the community and emergency services.

Key Stage 2

We begin the first Autumn Term of Key Stage 2 by looking All around me. This allows us to explore the topics of my role in the community and contribution of people & groups in the community, the rules, laws & rights to protect us and the rights of children. In the second Autumn Term we explore the subject of Keeping Safe, with a focus on the Bonfire Night, hazards at home & school, green cross code, fire safety at home and safety rules.

In the first of the Spring Terms, we look at the subject of Eat well, Live well. Allowing us to focus on balanced lifestyle, balanced diet, importance of exercise, exercise as a daily routine, images in the media and Oral hygiene & dental care. Then in the second Spring Term, we explore the top of Yes! It's our world, wonderful world, where we explore water, reduce, reuse, recycle; climate change, coral reef, rainforest biodiversity and fair trade.

Then in the first Summer Term, we learn about the topic of Come to my aid!, which is all about first aid, broken bones, emergency procedure, burns, choking, recovery position and CPR. Then in the second Summer Term, we look at Money Matters, which includes: jobs, money, interest & loans; stereotypes and bullying.

Year 6 to 7 - Transition Unit

This unit focuses to ensure that our older pupils are ready to move into secondary school, with all the knowledge to ensure their safety and to put our minds at ease.

So this unit, which takes place at the end of Year 6 in the Summer Term, covers the following topics: healthy friendships, peer influence, managing health conditions, legal & illegal drugs and FGM in Britain.