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At The Academy of Woodlands, our aim is to provide a challenging Maths curriculum that is accessible, engaging and relevant to all of our students. We strive to foster a love of Mathematics in all our students while equipping them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in this subject area. Our purpose is to help our students develop into well-rounded, numerate individuals who can apply their skills in everyday situations, as well as in future educational and vocational pathways.

Teachers structure maths lessons to include the following elements:

  • Sharing the Learning Objective
  • Development of varied fluency and basic skills
  • A small steps teaching sequence based on the White Rose Education scheme of learning
  • Use of CPA, including manipulatives and multiple representations
  • Reasoning and problem-solving tasks in every lesson to deepen understanding of concepts and allow all pupils the opportunity to reason mathematically
  • Use of questioning to stimulate mathematical thinking, discover patterns and connections, explain reasoning and make generalisations
  • Use of partner talk and collaborative work to further develop explanatory reasoning and deepen understanding
  • Immediate feedback given to children’s work and opportunities for intervention set as quickly as possible.