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The teaching of English at The Academy of Woodlands is designed to instil in children a love of reading and writing that will last them a lifetime. Giving pupils the key skills in English enables them to access material in all curriculum areas, and provides a foundation for their learning throughout their school career. To achieve this, teachers are focussed on making English interesting and exciting, engaging the pupils with the joy and wonder of books and inspiring their imagination and creativity. At The Academy of Woodlands we view the teaching of English as a fundamental part of the development of the pupil. This helps to foster positive behaviours and attitudes toward learning, and provides key knowledge and skills, benefitting pupils throughout their education and to benefit them as they grow to become valuable members if their community.


Phonics  - Read, Write Inc (RWI)

Here at The Academy of Woodlands, we use Read Write Inc. as our phonics scheme. Read Write Inc. is a literacy program developed by Ruth Miskin for teaching children to read and write. It is based on systematic synthetic phonics.

Read Write Inc teaches children to read fluently and with speed. This gives them the building blocks to apply their phonics skills to enable them to read and write with fluency and creativity. It also develops skills including spelling and comprehension to further enhance their understanding of their reading and writing.

Useful links for parents:

Parent video: What is Read Write Inc Phonics - YouTube


Parent video: How to say the sounds - YouTube

Please click the links below for more information about the English curriculum for each year group from years 1-6.

Year 1:

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Year 2:

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Year 3:

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Year 4:

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Year 5:

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Year 6

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