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The Woodlands Way- Curriculum Intent 

At The Academy of Woodlands, our school’s values of RESPECT, Resilience, Empathy, Self-awareness, Pride, Excellence, Communication, and Togetherness underpin our curriculum as we prioritise every child’s development into well rounded citizens that will thrive as life-long learners in the ever-changing world around us. Our ambitious curriculum exposes our children to enriching experiences, immersing them in disciplinary and substantive knowledge; equipping them with personal characteristics required to succeed in life. Alongside this we aim to foster a sense of community engagement by actively linking our curriculum to the local community, ensuring that learners develop a deep understanding of their own surroundings and their roles and responsibilities within this. 

The key principles behind the design of our curriculum are for our children to: 

  • Be RESILIENT, confident, independent; displaying a thirst for learning.  

  • Be kind; showing EMPATHY and compassion whilst valuing diversity.  

  • Be SELF-AWARE; having aspirations for the future and knowing that these can be reached    through hard work and determination.  

  • Take PRIDE in everything they do 

  • Strive for EXCELLENCE; For all children to be given the opportunities and support to achieve personal goals across the entire curriculum.   

  • Understand the importance of effective COMMUNICATION. Effectively communicating the gained knowledge in subject disciplines as well as the ability to effectively communicate with others.  

  • TOGETHERNESS- value their position within the wider community as well as showing respect, tolerance and acceptance of others.  

Ultimately, we wish for all our children to ‘be the best at what they do’, making a positive contribution to the world they live in.