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Here at The Academy of Woodlands every individual is valued and supported whilst being challenged to succeed in every area they possibly can.


The Academy of Woodlands maintains a privileged and key role in the local community. With this role comes huge responsibility to work in partnership with parents and the local community to create a safe and nurturing environment in which our pupils can thrive. Our aim is to fully support all of our pupils to reach their full individual potential intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, morally, socially and physically.


To achieve this, we strive to provide a broad and balanced curriculum alongside a full range of extra-curricular experiences. These two together provide a continuum of development that enables pupils for the next stage of their education and beyond. Thus, preparing them to cope with the rapidly changing society in which we live.


We believe that mutual tolerance and respect are key to every individual’s success and as such adults and children in the school have a clear understanding of the high expectations for exhibiting good behaviour and excellent manners on a daily basis. We expect maximum effort from all members of our school community in every aspect of school life.


The achievements of our pupils and staff are celebrated by us whenever possible and everybody’s contribution is valued. This enables us to foster a sense of self-esteem and self-worth for everyone.


The contribution of parents and families is essential to our children’s success here at Woodlands.  We strive to be an open school where parents feel welcomed and valued and in return, we receive fantastic support from them as we work together with their children.


Rivermead Inclusive Trust have won the Platinum award for Workplace Wellbeing