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The Academy of Woodlands facilitates its own 'in year' admissions. If you would like your child to join The Academy of Woodlands, please contact the main school office on 0300 065 8200 to place your child's name on our waiting list for the appropriate year group.

Reception Year Admissions

The admission of pupils into the reception class for each September intake, remains administered by Medway Council, please contact Medway Council school's admission team (01634 336000) if you need further information.

Important Dates for September 2024 Reception Class Intake:

Monday 4th September 2023 at 9am - Applications open on website.

Monday 15th January 2024 at 5pm - Applications close.

Tuesday 16th April 2024 - Offer details provided to parents & carers confirming allocation of place.

Tuesday 14th May 2024 - Deadline for places to be accepted or refused and request to go on a waiting list.

Tuesday 14th May 2024 - Deadline for appeals to have been submitted. Specific dates and times will be advised to appellants on an individual basis.


You are asked to note that if the appeal is for Year R (or any other year in KS1) that the school is bound by infant class legislation. This means that it is against the law to have more than 30 children in any one class and this number has been allocated according to the school’s over-subscription criteria.

Consequently, there are only limited conditions under which an appeal may be upheld. Very few appeals, if any, are successful for Years R, 1 and 2 in this school because it is limited by law to 30 pupils per class.

For the last few years, no appeals have been successful at this school.

It is advisable to place your child on the school’s waiting list alongside any appeal request. You are more likely to be given a place from the waiting list than through the appeal process.

For further information about appeals, please see the "Appeals Timetable" below.


Please see click on the boxes below for further information: